potable water storage for desalination plants.

Steel-enamelling is a thermal process in the enameling furnace at above 800°C. A glass layer forms on the outside that will bond strongly with the steel in a chemically-physical fusing process. The result is a tank that benefits from the outstanding characteristics of both materials.

emaille technology.
enameled steel technology.
  • glass protects from corrosion.
  • steel gives strength and flexibility.
  • impact and abrasion resistant.
  • hygenic surface.
  • no bacteria on the surface.
  • temperature resistant.
  • design life of over 35 years.
  • maintenance free.

water. too precious. enameled steel tanks.

Al Sokhna, Egypt. water desalination plant.
20,000m3 glass-lined steel tank.
Galala Egypt GLS tanks in construction
GLS tanks during construction.
5 x 20,000m3.
interim storage. pump station.
Galala, Egypt water storage.
6 x 20,000m3. Galala. Egypt. water storage.

wastewater treatment basins. enameled steel tanks.

  • GLS tanks in enameled steel for sewage treatment plants (wwtp).
  • concrete corrodes, requiring regular maintenance costs.
  • the enameled steel basins of GLS Tanks have a high resistance to corrosion, to temperature variations, without the need for maintenance.
  • GLS tanks can also be enlarged.
  • modular.
  • any size.
  • no maintenance.
Madinaty. Egypt.
wwtp. Greece.
wwtp. Greece. enameled steek tanks
Corrosion in concrete wastewater basin.
so this doesn’t happen.

GLS Tanks in a nutshell.

GLS Tanks. Heidenreichstein. Austria.
  • state-of-the-art manufacturing methods.
  • international norms and standards.
  • outstanding quality guaranteed.
  • 95% is exported.
  • 35 years of history.
  • GLS tanks on the web.