Chez generizon nous nous engageons pour les principes d’égalité des sexes et de non-discrimination. À titre d’employeur souscrivant au principe de l’égalité d’accès à l’emploi, generizon encourage des applications de tous individués qualifiés, indépendamment de la race, sexe, nationalité, religion, etc.

send us ur cv.

Hi you, woman or man, first – sorry – this is only in English.

  • you are a student or PhD student, or you already mastered with a degree in engineering, agricultural science, waste and water management or similar,
  • you bring a good understanding of business opportunities and you can play with numbers,
  • you like working in a small challenging multi-cultural dynamic team,
  • you like not the usual stuff, for sure, this is the most important.

Then send your CV to

Include a cover letter with phone and email and include

  • 3 lines about what you like about the world today,
  • and 3 lines what you hate about it,
  • and 3 lines what you want to change on this planet in your lifetime,
  • include also 3 lines why you would want to work for generizon,
  • and finally include 3 lines about what makes you special,
  • and 3 lines with you worst faults.

Just remember 3 lines only.
But tell us anything you want.
Don’t be shy.

And if you cannot write it in English write it in French.

Et bien évidemment, jetez la lettre de motivation, que vous avez déjà envoyé cinquante fois, on ne va jamais la lire.