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Stainless steel digesters.

Stainless steel digesters. WELTEC BIOPOWER.

In 2011, WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH, one of the first manufacturers of biogas plants, celebrated its 10th anniversary. WELTEC is one of the pioneers of the constructors of biogas plants. Based on the modern approach of experienced engineers, the company from Vechta, Germany with its expertise of a staff of over 80, offers complete biogas plants from one source and has developed
to a leading constructor of biogas plants in the world.

WELTEC BIOPOWER plans and produces complete biogas plants made from stainless steel and distributes them world-wide. WELTEC has realised more than 300 plants all over Europe the United States and even on Cyprus, in China and in Japan.

To further build on this success WELTEC BIOPOWER has established subsidiaries that should handle customer requirements on a local level in several countries like England, US and other Eastern European countries.

flexibility thanks to in-house production.

Inside a WELTEC digester.

Inside a WELTEC digester.

The plants have a modular structure. WELTEC uses only proven system components and develops most of the technologies along the entire value chain internally: digester technology, mixing technology, control technology, hygienisation systems, and digestate processing solutions originate from the company.

By means of its comprehensive services, WELTEC ensures the technical and economic stability of the biogas plants. The CHP service guarantees stable output, the biological supervision ensures continuous monitoring of the relevant parameters, and systematic repowering makes sure that the biogas plant is always up to date. Operators can choose from a range of service packages of
different types and scope.

One of the main strengths of WELTEC is the ability to deliver individual and flexible solutions worldwide – from compact plants to large computer-controlled plants in the megawatt range, waste recycling plants, and biogas parks with gas processing technology.

organic waste treatment plants.

Waste treatment plant. by WELTEC.

Organic waste treatment plant. by WELTEC.

WELTEC BIOPOWER designs and builds biogas plants for utilizing organic waste streams. WELTECs expertise and sophisticated overall concepts are high in demand world-wide. generizon and WELTEC offer comprehensive start-up and operational support. That ensures you receive a plant that is already working at full capacity. With generizon/WELTEC on your side as technological leaders, you can tap the resources of your wastes and turn it to energy.

WELTEC. in a nutshell.

  • energy plants for organic waste.
  • first turn-key biogas plant solutions provider.
  • first in stainless steal digesters.
  • 300+ installations. in 25 countries. on 5 continents.
  • individual. flexible. 24/7.

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