all stainless steel. concepts for wastewater treatment plants.

Sewage sludge management and treatment from wastewater treatment plants wwtp represents major economic and environmental challenges.

For generizon these are the inputs.

  • flotation fats,
  • primary sludge,
  • activated sludge, evacuated sludge (secondary, biological, physico-chemical).

Effluents and sludge flows that are produced daily in the waste water treatment plant are rich in volatile solids. generizon’s activities center around sludge stabilisation in bioreactors and the production of energy from the biogas.

Anaerobic treatment in a digester is necessary to biologically stabilize this sludge, degrade it, capture the greenhouse gases and produce biogas, in order to utilize it in an engine for the benefit of the plant’s energy bill.

up to 80% savings on electricity.

The high energy consumption of wastewater treatment plants puts pressure on local communities and / or the operator. Currently, given the rise in energy prices, the use of all resources is necessary. The future of wastewater treatment plants lies in the production of electricity and heat, as well as in the stabilization of sludge.

generizon will adequately dimension your anaerobic sludge digester plant according to the inputs. We accompany you from the individual conception to the realization through planning, construction, commissioning and maintenance. generizon provides the entire solution for sludge digestion and energy utilization, …

Specifically generizon offers you

  • complete digester, gasometer, piping, pumping, control,
  • stainless steel, duplex 1.4462,
  • containerized combined heat and power CHP modules,
  • medium or high temperature flare,
  • seperate gas holder,
  • desulfurization system,
  • chiller/drying of biogas, charbon filter system,
  • multiple measurements of flow and gas quality,
  • biofilter with/without chemical washer, for odor treatment of ambient air from primary treatment station, sedimentation, sludge thickening station, etc.,
  • a tailor-made solution,
  • consulting and project planning,
  • construction, installation, commissioning,
  • maintenance and repair services,
  • flexibility, many module variants offered,
  • diagnosis of old modules.

generizon offers a robust industrial high performance solution for the sustainable treatment of sewage sludge and the energy utilization of biogaz.

Anaerobic digestion.
turn-key anaerobic digestion.
2G chp
most efficient combined heat and power.
Désulfuration biologique.
effective and low cost desulfurization.
flares for any specification.