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Binder biogas flow meter COMBIMASS®.

Binder has been supplying leading plant manufacturers with innovative systems for industrial gas flow measurement for decades. Moreover Binder supplies very efficient control valves for aeration air in sewage treatment plants and smart control systems for air supply and air distribution into the different tanks.

Additionally to the long-term proven flow meter Binder developed portable and stationary analyzer for methaneous gases (biogas from anaerobic digestion plants, solid waste treatment / composting plants, sewage treatment plants and gases from landfills). The main advantages of these analyzers are long-term stability of readings and the maintenance diagnosis systems.

industrial gas flow measurement. COMBIMASS®.

The COMBIMASS® flow meter are available for non-combustible gases (basic, without ATEX), for high number of industrial gases and gas mixtures (eco, ATEX Zone 0 – 2), special versions for biogas applications (eco-bio+) and gases from wood gasification plants (syngas). Multiple sensor systems for big pipes and rectangular ducts complete the product range (multi).

The sensor consists of a heated and a non-heated reference sensor pin. When the flowing gas is crossing the sensor, the heated one is cooling down and represents thus a measure for the number of molecules (mass flow). The gas mass flow at standard conditions according DIN 1343 (0°C, 1.01325 bar, 0% rel. humidity) is calculated and displayed.

Technical Data Sheet COMBIMASS eco-bio+ more information. Binder. download.

gas analyzer. COMBIMASS®.

There are special versions of gas analyzer for biogas and syngas available : portable (GA-m) or stationary (GA-s hybrid eco, hybrid premium, hybrid syngas). Because analysis equipment in general needs a regular maintenance and replacement of wearing parts and filter, all instruments use an integrated maintenance diagnosis system. Required maintenance is displayed and can be transferred to the main PLC.

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  • infrared analysis.
    CH4 0-100%.
    CO2 0-100%.
    CO, 0-100%.
  • electrochemical analysis.
    O2 0 – 30%.
    H2S 0 – 50 ppm… 10.000 ppm.
    H2 0 – 1.000 ppm… 40.000 ppm.
    CO 0 – 200 ppm… 2.000 ppm.
    NH3 0 – 100 ppm… 1.000 ppm.
  • every device is manufactured to the client’s specific order.
  • on mobile up to 7 measurements channels.
  • on stationary installations any client wish can be managed. try us.
  • combination with gas flow meter.

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COMBIMASS®. portable (GA-m).
COMBIMASS®. GA-s hybrid premium.

VACOMASS® control valves for aeration air in aeration tanks of waste water treatment plants.

VACOMASS® Elliptic and Square Diaphragm Control valves and Jet Control valve.

Almost all VACOMASS® control valves were developed and optimized especially for aeration air for the use in activated sludge tanks, grit chamber in sewage treatment plants and exhaust air treatment.

It is the combination of software, the FlexControl System, and the hardware, Jet Control Valves or EDCVs and SDCVs, Elliptic and Square Diaphragm Control valves that can be precisely regulated depending various parameters, air signals, pressure signals, etc. and save air, energy and eventually wear and tear of parts, and last but not least improve water quality.

In the simplest case there is only one air flow meter or a control valve being used, a simple system with one single local control loop for oxygen supply only. It may alternatively be a complex system of 20 or more control loops including required header pressure set points, flow simulation using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) tools to optimize measuring in the control pipe sections and many further functions for improved nitrogen removal and diffuser maintenance.

  • stainless steel and gas-tight.
  • linear operating characteristic over virtually the entire operating range.
  • high precision air control.
  • minimal pressure loss.
  • low operating costs.
  • a single component or a complete system in sewage treatment plants.

more information. Binder. datasheet VACOMASS® Jet Control valve. datasheet VACOMASS® system.

VACOMASS® Jet Control valve.
VACOMASS® Control systems for air supply and distribution.
VACOMASS® for aeration tanks in wastewater treatment plants.