worldwide success with combined heat and power CHP generation.

2G Avus 500Plus
2G Avus 500Plus. 550kW el. 42.5 % efficiency. hydrogen ready

A 2G module is the ideal solution for everyone seeking to reduce energy costs in the long term and free themselves of rising electricity prices. As a pioneer, innovator, and one of the leading manufacturers of decentralized energy generation systems using combined heat and power CHP in the world, 2G has commissioned thousands of technologically advanced and highly efficient CHP plants since 1995.

Satisfied customers all over the world confirm the quality, performance, and reliability of our products and solutions. As a joint stock company, 2G is listed in the Scale segment of the German Stock Exchange and employs around 700 people.

generizon is proud to be associated with 2G since 2016.

The simultaneous generation of mechanical energy and useful heat is called combined heat and power generation (CHP). While the mechanical energy is converted directly into electricity, the heat can be used to heat, cool, or generate steam. The heat resulting from the electricity generation, therefore, does not simply escape into the atmosphere unused but is put to good use. This makes combined heat and power technology so efficient and environmentally friendly. Up to 40% of primary energy is saved. CO2 emissions fall by up to 60% compared to conventional electricity generation in large power plants.

2G is a solutions company. Finding the right heat solution for your business requires flexible thought, being prepared to think through and dare special engineering solutions, and foremost a team of experts in a great many fields with many years of experience.

references in Morocco.

  • wastewater treatment plant, Ben Guerir, by OCP: 150kW CHP Filius/MAN engine.
  • wastewater treatment plant, Youssoufia, owned by OCP: 100kW CHP Filius/MAN engine.

2G. solutions for natural gas. biogas. LPG. hydrogen. the electrical output range. 20 kW to 4,000 kW.

Download the 2G product range. references.

g-box. profitable natural gas plant. 20 – 50 kW.

g-box. by 2G. 20kW and 50kW.
g-box. by 2G. 20kW and 50kW.

Compact, ready-for-connection module. the control cabinet is designed as a separate unit on the module. modular assembly facilitates insertion and installation. completely enclosed sound cap – suitable for noise-sensitive areas.

Thanks to calorific value utilization, the g-box 20 and the g-box 50 reach efficient levels of over 100%. completely water-cooled, no air inlet or outlet required. natural gas or alternatively bio-methane. g-box 20 also works with liquid gas.
For residential buildings. department stores. hotels. swimming pools. more.

agenitor® series. 2G development. natural gas or biogas. 100kW – 450 kW.

2G CHP. agenitor 408. 360kW.
2G CHP. agenitor 408. 360kW. in sound capsule.

The development team at 2G Drives GmbH, 2G Energy AG’s research and development company, has achieved excellent results in terms of the efficiency of CHP plants by optimizing gas engine technology.

Significantly increased efficiency levels. electrical efficiency of 42.5% putting them at the top of their respective output classes in the world. lower gas consumption. lower fuel costs. higher yield. very reliable in regular start-stop operation.

For landfill sites and wastewater treatment plants. for biogas installations at agricultural and agro-industrial plants. more.


agenitor® engines come for different fuels; besides natural and biogas also LPG and pure hydrogen; in fact, it was 2G that put the worldwide first 100% hydrogen CHP plant in operation.

avus series. natural gas or biogas. 520 – 4000 kW.

Up to 4MW in container installation are readily available.
avus engines are designed for superior quality and very high performance.

Engines are based on agenitor®. Jenbacher/Innio. MTU/Rolls Royce. MWM/Caterpillar.
For landfill sites and wastewater treatment plants.

Complete solutions for the most demanding industrial applications of electricity, heat, and steam generation. more.

2G agenitor 500 plus. 550kW.
2G agenitor 500 plus. 550kW.
MTU Rolls Royce V20.
MTU Rolls Royce V20.
2G AVUS 1500b. Jenbacher 420. 1,487kW. biogas.
2G avus 1500b. Jenbacher 420. 1,487kW. biogas.
2G Avus 1500c CHP. MWM TCG 2020 V16. 1,560kW. natural gas.
2G avus 1500c CHP. MWM TCG 2020 V16. 1,560kW. natural gas.

combine cleverly and save even more energy. 2G. the energy solution provider.

Ventilating and cooling offices, providing hot air vents for sludge drying, generating hot steam for the food industry, and tipping the scales when it comes to a stable decentralized energy supply of the future, combined heat, and power generation does precisely that, especially a highly efficient power plant by 2G. 2G provides not just engines but individually designed innovative energy concepts in combination with absorption chillers, steam generators, and heat accumulators, or integrated into virtual power plants for the stabilization of the electricity grid.

2G. Heek. Germany.
2G-Energie. Heek. Germany.

2G. in a nutshell.

  • combined heat and power. 20-4000kW power range.
  • biogas. natural gas. LPG. hydrogen.
  • solutions provider. electricity. heat. steam. refrigeration. and more.
  • 8000 installations around the globe.
  • 2G agenitor® and avus®. Jenbacher/Innio. MTU. MWM.
  • transparent. stock exchange listed.

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