we are generizon. our business.

gérence des déchets.
waste management.
anaerobic digestion is a catalyst for circular organic waste management.
conteneur cogénération.
renewable energy.
biogas. electricity. heat. steam. refrigeration. green mobility and more.
chimey. charbon pour briques.
more greenhouse gas mitigation for your buck than wind or PV..
sustainable environment.
great for the environment. no leachate. no infiltration. no odors.

active in these industries.

public sector. wwtp.
public sector.
organic waste2energy for cities. desulfurization. flares for landfills. wastewater treatment plants.
Sludge. industrie agro-alimentaire.
food industry.
anaerobic digestion for waste and effluents from dairy, oilpress, fish, fruit, sugar processing plants.
Natural gas combined heat and power for industry.
natural gas connected industry.
combined heat and power solutions. efficiency improvements that pay off. electricity. steam. refrigeration.
Dairy cows.
proper manure and slurry management safe greenhouse gas emissions and produce biogas and a natural fertilizer.

services that we offer.

Manfred Schweda. generizon.
surveys. consulting.
feasibility and waste studies. finance and economics meet sustainability. it is your profit.
Avus 500 plus. moteur de cogénération.
EPC of turn key biogas plants. sale of gas engines and auxiliaries. installation and maintenance for the whole biogas value chain.
Los Angeles.
we design the energy savings solution. provide the right financing. leasing, BOOT, ESCO, subvention.
Climate change.
carbon credits.
committed to reducing emissions. part of several emission reduction programs. consulting Article 6 financing, ITMOs.

product line.

anaerobic digestion.
full turnkey biogas and waste2energy installation. operation. management.

combined heat and power.
combined heat and power.
bio/natural gas. hydrogen. electricity. heat. steam. solutions.
Désulfuration biologique.
the full range of biological and chemical desulfurization of gazes.
gas separation technologies. bio methane for mobility. CO2 capture.
gas flares.
all sizes, temperatures and applications.
gas blowers.
ATEX. compressors are used as pressure boosting fans.
H2 solution.
first CHP 100% hydrogen. H2 to power. a new route for energy and storage.

onboard weighing.
scale inside trucks. waste collection. livestock feed. pellets. oil and gas.
gas flow meter.
industrial gas flow measurement and analysis.
aeration control valves.
for aeration basins in waste water treatment plants.
exhaust air purification.
bio filter. with or without humidification, biological or chemical washer. deodorization.
Free standing double membrane gas holder, gas storage, gasometer
gas storage.
free standing double membrane gas holder. 50-10,000m3.
leachate and industrial wastewater membrane filtration
reverse osmosis.
leachate and industrial wastewater membrane filtration.
water storage for desalination projects
potable water storage.
for desalination projects.
KITO, flamme arrester.
flame arrester.
deflagration and detonation protection.
UIT BTP2 control
biogas test plant.
the standard for research and gas yield estimates.

strong first class partners.

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Logo 2G.
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Logo Himmel.
Sattler gasholder.
KITO Armaturen. flame arrester.
GLS Tanks
Krickl Weighing Systems.